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current projects / openings:  master thesis
PhD thesis (Dr. rer. nat.) postdoc positions
...for undergraduate students... RWTH-Aachen University: specific training (4 - 10 weeks) on "Chemosensory principles of pheromone detection" for acquisition of basic experimental knowledge and insight into the laboratory routine.

The goal of these courses is to learn advanced electrophysiological and / or live-cell imaging methods to conduct an independent research project as a follow-up master thesis.

...for master students...    

...diploma or masters theses that focus on physiological mechanisms. We offer individual projects with emphasis on both molecular and cellular basis of pheromone detection and chemosensory signaling in mammalian germ cells.

...for graduate students...    


...various projects are available based on successful application for a scholarship. For an individual project design and for further information please contact us for an appointment.

...for postdocs...    


...for experienced researchers (postdocs), several projects are available. If you are interested in a position please contact us for an appointment.